Publications / 2011 Proceedings of the 28th ISARC, Seoul, Korea

Development of Robotic-Crane Based Automatic Construction System for Steel Structures of High-Rise Buildings

Tae-Koo Kang, Changjoo Nam, Ung-Kyun Lee, Nakju Lett Doh, Gwi-Tae Park
Pages 670-671 (2011 Proceedings of the 28th ISARC, Seoul, Korea, ISBN 978-89-954572-4-5, ISSN 2413-5844)

In this paper, we address a new technique for automatic construction of steel structure in high-rise buildings termed RCA system (Robotics & Crane based Automated Construction System). RCA system can be divided into four core systems: 1) Monitoring and control system, 2) Material assembly system, 3) Beam assembly system, 4) Construction Factory (CF) system. Through our research, we expect that this new technique will increase the construction efficiency and it will alleviate the man power shortage problem.

Keywords: RCA system, Construction Automation, Bolting Robot System, Construction Factory