Initializing Vision Based Trackers Using Semantic Texton Forests

Man-Woo Park, Gauri M. Jog, Ioannis Brilakis
Pages 379-384 (2011 Proceedings of the 28th ISARC, Seoul, Korea)

Vision based tracking can provide the spatial location of project related entities such as equipment, workers, and materials in a large-scale congested construction site. It tracks entities in a video stream by inferring their motion. To initiate the process, it is required to determine the pixel areas of the entities to be tracked in the following consecutive video frames. For the purpose of fully automating the process, this paper presents an automated way of initializing trackers using Semantic Texton Forests (STFs) method. STFs method performs simultaneously the segmentation of the image and the classification of the segments based on the low-level semantic information and the context information. In this paper, STFs method is tested in the case of wheel loaders recognition. In the experiments, wheel loaders are further divided into several parts such as wheels and body parts to help learn the context information. The results show 79% accuracy of recognizing the pixel areas of the wheel loader. These results signify that STFs method has the potential to automate the initialization process of vision based tracking.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Automatic identification, Image processing, Tracking, Information technology