Publications / 2013 Proceedings of the 30th ISARC, Montréal, Canada

Analyzing Building Information Using Graph Theory

S. Isaac, F. Sadeghpour, R. Navon
Pages 1013-1020 (2013 Proceedings of the 30th ISARC, Montréal, Canada, ISBN 978-1-62993-294-1, ISSN 2413-5844)

The networks of interdependencies between elements in building projects, referred to as the project topology, are often complex and difficult for project teams to comprehend. It is hypothesized that a graphbased model of the project topology can be based on existing data in Building Information Models (BIM), facilitating the application of graph-theoretic algorithms to analyze this topology. The objective of this study is to propose an outline for the synthesis of BIM and graph theory. This synthesis is expected to contribute to the development of new tools for representing, managing and analyzing the design of building projects.

Keywords: Design Management, BIM, Graph Theory