Publications / 2013 Proceedings of the 30th ISARC, Montréal, Canada

Determining of Drivetrain System Skid Steer 6x6 Wheeled Robot Load

M. J. Lopatka, T. Muszynski
Pages 763-773 (2013 Proceedings of the 30th ISARC, Montréal, Canada, ISBN 978-1-62993-294-1, ISSN 2413-5844)

This paper presents the results of 3 tons skid steer 6x6 wheel robot drive system field tests. The aim of the investigation was verification of assumed data for drivetrain diesain and forces identification in the drivetrain system during maneuvering and crossing obstacles. Robot has hydraulics drive system with motors in the wheels and hydraulic suspension system. The neded drive torque on wheels was determined by pressure measurnig on motors.

Keywords: Skid-steer vehicle, UGV, Robot, Obstacle, Turning and roling resistance, 6x6 vehicle, Hydrostatic drive