Publications / 2013 Proceedings of the 30th ISARC, Montréal, Canada

Information Systems for Technological Data with Support of Internet of Things

O. Kodym, V. Kebo, V. Kohut, T. Martoch
Pages 296-303 (2013 Proceedings of the 30th ISARC, Montréal, Canada, ISBN 978-1-62993-294-1, ISSN 2413-5844)

The paper has focused on possibilities of interconnecting information sources concerning monitoring & control of mining industry technical processes (TP), and the related safety hazards. The key issue is the comprehensiveness of the information presented to users. Information can be presented by virtual reality means, when the seemingly true presentation of the production process scene along with user friendly presentation of related information is available. The user in its role of a process supervisor is not only a mere scene observer but, thanks to the interactive functions of virtual environment, he participates in the scene of his control. As such his control and management abilities increase because he can absorb, more easily understand and asses the information provided.

Keywords: Information technology, mining process, Internet of Things, process control