Publications / 2013 Proceedings of the 30th ISARC, Montréal, Canada

Lean Method to Identify Improvements for Operation Control at Quarry Sites

D. Rylander, J. Axelsson
Pages 92-101 (2013 Proceedings of the 30th ISARC, Montréal, Canada, ISBN 978-1-62993-294-1, ISSN 2413-5844)

The operation of Quarry and Aggregate sites are similar to factory production, since it contains sequential production processes, tasks and activities to produce the output product. Compared to the plant though, the quarry processes are generally not synchronized and controlled towards the overall throughput of the site in real time. Some quarries control parts of the production but do generally not utilize real-time technologies for the whole site and all its activities. This fact indicates a general improvement potential in increased productivity at quarry sites, but also unsolved challenges for the same reason. The main contribution of this paper is the presentation of a Lean based method for how to describe the processes to identify control improvement potential within a site. The aim of the identified improvements is to increase overall site productivity by optimizing site, fleet and machine utilization towards the overall throughput, and minimizing operational expenses and inventories. Further the paper exemplifies the method’s usability with field studies at operational quarry plants successfully identifying and quantifying potential wastes and improvements. In addition the identified productivity improvements based on increased control and automation indicate challenges and needs in wireless communication and sensing technologies.

Keywords: IT Applications, Quarry Operation, Lean, Wireless Communication, Automation, Construction