Publications / 1988 Proceedings of the 5th ISARC, Tokyo, Japan

Building an Engineering Database and Integrated Information Systems in Construction Industry

Toshio Ishii, Yuzo Kato, Osamu Morimot, Masayuki Amou
Pages 371-380 (1988 Proceedings of the 5th ISARC, Tokyo, Japan, ISSN 2413-5844)

We, a general contractor, is operating on the management principle of integrated system from designing to Construction, and is directed toward an engineering contractor. In 1965, large general-purpose computers were installed to start reorganization of the job processing systems, and the environments of use have been improved ever since, from batch processing to interactive process, host operation to multifunction terminals, and combined with use personal computers. At the present, computer processing of key jobs in the technical fields is indispensable, including the planning and designing, structural design, and estimate of structural materials. This trend will be further expanded in the future. On the other hand, there is a movement toward unification, CAD/CAM integration, and sharing of data. From the conventional use aiming at individualization of tasks and optimization of parts, the direction is turning toward the efficiency of the whole system, and effective use by the whole company.

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