Publications / 1988 Proceedings of the 5th ISARC, Tokyo, Japan

Definition of a Programming Language for Telerobots Application to Robotics in Building Construction

B. Tondu, R. Fournier, G. Clement
Pages 737-746 (1988 Proceedings of the 5th ISARC, Tokyo, Japan, ISSN 2413-5844)

This paper deals with the programming of construction robots for finishing work on facades of buildings. The difficulty of automating such tasks and the high potential occurrence of incidents on the building site, lead to consider the use of hybrid telerobots, programmable like autonomous robots but also controllable in teleoperation mode. Programming telerobots is a new field which must allow the combination of the two modes of control: the automatic mode and the teleoperated mode. We propose in this paper the definition of a telerobot programming language, and a first simulation is presented to illustrate its application in construction robotics.

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