Publications / 1988 Proceedings of the 5th ISARC, Tokyo, Japan

System Proposal of an Automated Vehicle Considering its Use in Construction Sites

Yoshikuni Okawa
Pages 249-258 (1988 Proceedings of the 5th ISARC, Tokyo, Japan, ISSN 2413-5844)

By the result of system analysis of works being done in the construction sites, we propose an automated vehicle system, which has color TV cameras as vision sensors. Guidance mark is a color tape placed temporarily on the floor. Thus, we can make frequent and easy changes of its possible paths. There are many opportunities where men work on a flat surface, such as floors, cat walks etc., in a construction site. A wheel driven vehicle is supposed to be advantageous in those circumstances. But safety or stability of the system should be confirmed before any practical application starts. Concerning this reliability of the system we have made two different researches: the mark selection problem and the feedback control problem. The mark selection problem is, for example, a question which is the best tape (color, width etc.) if it is placed on a concrete floor. We proposed a criterion function by which we can choose the best guidance mark.

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