Publications / 1991 Proceedings of the 8th ISARC, Stuttgart, Germany

A Robot Climbing Vehicle and its Man-Machine Interface for Use in the Nuclear Industry

T.S. White, A.A. Collie, J. Billingsley, B.L. Luk
Pages 851-859 (1991 Proceedings of the 8th ISARC, Stuttgart, Germany, ISSN 2413-5844)

This paper describes the design and performance of a robot system NERO (Nuclear Electric’s Robot Operator), commissioned by Nuclear Electric PLC. The robot was first operational in February 1991. The system consists of a robot climbing vehicle and a specially designed control console. The robot is pneumatically powered and uses eight vacuum sucker feet as grippers. The man-machine interface is designed to be easy to use and provides clear, concise status information, at all times maintaining safe reliable operation. At the time of writing the vehicle has successfully completed trials at the Nuclear Electric test facilities.

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