Publications / 1991 Proceedings of the 8th ISARC, Stuttgart, Germany

Directional Control Employing Fuzzy Reasoning of a Micro Tunnelling System

Toshio Takatsuka, Tomohiro Kurosawa, Yoshihiro Harada
Pages 893-900 (1991 Proceedings of the 8th ISARC, Stuttgart, Germany, ISSN 2413-5844)

NTT has developed a micro tunnelling system with new directional control employing fuzzy reasoning which can construct a tunnel along the designed line well, in response to a shortage in experienced operators and the need to improve the working condition. Fuzzy reasoning, in which the know-how acquired form experienced operators are loaded, are certified using a dynamic model capable of predicting the behaviour of driving machines. The field test in-site proved that the system is capable of providing a control facility equivalent to that of experienced operators.

Keywords: Fuzzy reasoning, directional control, microtunneling