Publications / 1991 Proceedings of the 8th ISARC, Stuttgart, Germany

Shotcrete Robot for Improving Working Conditions, Quality and Economy in Civil Engineering and Tunneling

B. Maidl
Pages 85-94 (1991 Proceedings of the 8th ISARC, Stuttgart, Germany, ISSN 2413-5844)

The construction material, shotcrete, has gained more importance in the last years, more especially in tunnelling and underground construction. Through the automation of the shotcrete nozzle con-shotcreting with respect to the assessment criteria of concrete quality, economy (rebound) and working conditions (dust development) which occur during conventional manual treatment could be nearly eliminated. The important fundamentals for the automation of the nozzle control is an optimal nozzle control technology. This is an up to date report on existing research works at the department of building technology, tunnelling and construction management , University of Bochum, as well as the practical application of the research results with the converted industrial robot unimate 2105 G in the research mine Tremonia in Dortmund and also the further planned research activities

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