Publications / 1991 Proceedings of the 8th ISARC, Stuttgart, Germany

Stance of Machinery Manufacturers and Leasing Companies for Development and Application of Construction Robots

Tatsuya Wakisaka, Eiji Muro, Kazuhiko Arai, Nobuyasu Miura
Pages 123-130 (1991 Proceedings of the 8th ISARC, Stuttgart, Germany, ISSN 2413-5844)

The building contractors society conducted a questionnaire of manufacturers and leasing companies concerning construction robots in 1989. The questionnaire items included situation surrounding production and leasing of construction machinery and the attitudes of the respondent firm to development and spread of the construction robots. The results indicate that though faced with a number of problems, the respondents are generally positive. A large number of opinion were also given and these will be useful in promoting development and application of construction robot in future.

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