Publications / 2014 Proceedings of the 31st ISARC, Sydney, Australia

Demand Response Under the Smart Grid Paradigm

M. Negnevitsky
Pages 58-71 (2014 Proceedings of the 31st ISARC, Sydney, Australia, ISBN 978-0-646-59711-9, ISSN 2413-5844)

Electric power industry is undergoing a profound change. The change is driven by technical, economic and environmental factors. The emerging challenges are particularly significant for distribution grids, where the level of automation or “smartness” is relatively low. With the push for energy conservation, demand-side management (DSM) and demand response (DR) are becoming vital tools under the smart grid paradigm. This paper outlines some experience obtained at the University of Tasmania, Australia in developing DSM and DR systems.

Keywords: Smart Grid, Distribution System, Demand-side Management, Demand Response.