Publications / 2004 Proceedings of the 21st ISARC, Jeju, South Korea

Application of 3D-MC for Road Construction Machine

Mitsuo Fukukawa, Tatsuya Yamaguchi

Rapid development of computer or communication technology brought the IT, Information Technology, to the road construction field also. IT may include possibility for rationalization of job site work. Among them, new technology 3D-MC, 3 Dimensional Machine Control system, can unify following data, field design, survey, and machine control. Therefore 3D-MC is able to control the construction machine direct with field design data based on CAD. By using 3D-MC will bring cost down to job site.

Kajima Road had applied 3D-MC since 2000, and adapted to bulldozer, asphalt paver, and motor grader. By actual work, we had confirmed the efficiency and the accuracy of the 3D-MC installed construction machines. So we present about 3D-MC installed motor grader.

Keywords: Information Technology, 3 Dimensional-Machine Control system, Auto tracking, Total Station, System flow, High Accuracy