Publications / 2010 Proceedings of the 27th ISARC, Bratislava, Slovakia

Virtual Reference Station (VRS)-Based Intelligent Robot (Pioneer 3-AT) to Assist in Pavement Inspections

Jia-Ruey Chang, Feng-Chi Yu, Tsun-Cheng Huang, Shih-Chung Kang, Shang-Hsien Hsieh
Pages 129-138 (2010 Proceedings of the 27th ISARC, Bratislava, Slovakia, ISBN 978-80-7399-974-2, ISSN 2413-5844)

This study develops a framework for the application of a Pioneer 3-AT (P3-AT) autonomous robot integrated with two types of highly accurate Virtual Reference Station (VRS) technology. The tire pressure and the horizontal movement of the P3-AT were calibrated. The positioning accuracy of P3-AT was measured by VRS under both static and dynamic conditions at 25 cm to 20 m distances of movement. We saw a standard deviation in the static test of less than 0.03 m, and the root mean square (RMS) to be very close to the specified distance of movement. This research also conducted the use of P3-AT in positioning distresses on the pavement, the P3-AT’s autonomous monitoring, and its ability to plot slabs on a rigid pavement in order to prove that VRS can indeed provide P3-AT with highaccuracy positioning data that is required when moving on the broad pavement, thus meeting the positioning requirements of pavement inspection.

Keywords: Virtual Reference Station, Intelligent Robot, Pavement Inspection, Distress