1985 Proceedings of the 2nd ISARC, Pittsburgh, USA

Expert Systems for Planning Robotic Excavation

S. J. Fenves, H. Baker, J. Balash
Pages 1-30

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Quality and Reliability as Motivation for Construction Robotics

Dwight A. Sangrey
Pages 31-39

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Mine Mapping by a Robot with Acoustic Sensors

W.L. Whittaker, J. Crowely, I.J. Oppenheim, J. Bares, T. Wood, S. Berman, K. Lee
Pages 41-54

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Application of Programmable Handling-Units in Contracting Companies

M.C. Wanner, K. Baumeister, G.W. Kohler, H. Walze
Pages 55-65

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Robotics Feasibility in the Construction Industry

Roozbeh Kangari
Pages 66-103

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Preliminary Specifications for Robotic Application in Mines

Robert H. King
Pages 104-115

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Potential for Robotization and Automation in the German Civil Engineering and Construction Industry

Michael Rader
Pages 116-133

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First Results in Automated Pipe Excavation

William "Red" Whittaker, George Turkiyyah, Francois Bitz, John Balash, Rob Guzikowski, Bob Montgomery, Rasim Akdogan, Scott Swetz
Pages 134-143

We have demonstrated in our laboratory the rudimentary sensor-driven excavation of pipes buried at shallow depths. Our system integrates sonar range sensing, a surface depth map, segmentation of pipe searching, simple digging strategies, distributed computing and off-line simulation. Our hardware is a manipulator mounted to a backhoe and a vacuum ...

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Interpretation of Magnetic Sensing for Construction Inspection

Behnam Motazed
Pages 144-157

The automatic determination of size and location of buried ferrous cylinders from magnetic observables are the focus of this work. Applications include mapping of reinforcement bars embedded in concrete and mapping of pipes buried in the ground. The problem requires an inverse solution to infer the attributes of an inclusion ...

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A Decision Support System for the Evaluation of Geologic Eexploration Programs

Photios G. Ioannou
Pages 158-177

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Work Modularization for Building Construction Use Robots Development

Yukio Hasegawa, Kinya Tamaki
Pages 179-188

For breakthroughing difficulty of developing the building construction use robots, the author developed a modularization concept and methodology to cope with the complexity of the operations. In this paper the following issues are discussed. 1) Fundamental concept of robot modularization 2) Methodology to develop the modules 3) Structure and type of work modules 4) ...

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Automation of Condition and Deterioration Surveys Using Knowledge-Based Signal Processing

K. Maser, D. Smit
Pages 189-206

"Condition and deterioration surveys using state-of-the-art sensory techniques generate far more data than can be interpreted by conventional methods. As a result, powerful sensory techniques such as ground penetrating radar and infrared thermography have yet to realize their full potential in civil engineering and construction applications. This paper proposes a ...

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Construction Simulation Research at the University of Michigan

Robert I. Carr
Pages 207-218

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Evaluation Method for Robotics Implementation: Application to Concrete Form Cleaning

M.J. Sikibniewski, C.T. Hendrickson
Pages 219-246

This paper introduces the concept of economic feasibility analysis for construction robotics using the examples of simple cleaning and maintenance tasks. A preliminary analysis of roboticized concrete form cleaning is performed. The Net Present Value of the contractor’s investment in such a robot is estimated. The authors believe that the ...

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Construction Planning by a Robot

Naruo Kano
Pages 247-262

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Statistical Pattern Recognition and Learning for Construction Robots

Kingsley Harrop-Williams
Pages 263-271

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Computer Developments for Mining Robotics

M.L. Maher, I.J. Oppenheim, D.R. Rehak
Pages 272-283

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