Publications / 2016 Proceedings of the 33rd ISARC, Auburn, USA

Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation of Laser Scanners in Building Construction

Samad M.E. Sepasgozar, Cynthia Wang and Sara Shirowzhan
Pages 742-751 (2016 Proceedings of the 33rd ISARC, Auburn, USA, ISBN 978-1-5108-2992-3, ISSN 2413-5844)

Digital technologies, including hand-held laser scanners and locating systems, are being increasingly introduced to the construction market and have the potential to provide real-time data to create construction information modeling (e.g. shop drawings and as-built). Focusing on the unique advantage of these technologies, this paper identifies the challenges and opportunities for implanting such technologies to create multi-dimensional information modeling based on updated data from construction objects. The results of the paper will be based on implementation of a proposed framework to assist in semi-automated conversion of the raw 3D point clouds from advanced scanners into a compact, semantically rich model aiding in updating construction drawings and developing as-built models. A couple of advanced laser scanners have been deployed within an educational building and have scanned a floor as a sample in order to collect the data. In addition, further data was collected using novel positioning systems, to generate updated data from objectives and labor working in the sample area. The findings show that mobile laser scanners and the novel locating system are efficient tools for updating data to assist construction and maintenance managers to revise the drawings and use updated multi-dimensional models, and are about 50% less expensive than the current technologies. It was found that the practical framework - using mobile laser scanners - enables construction managers to acquire updated information from complex objects, using a real-time communication system. The study provides a step towards understanding the possibility of implementing advanced technologies and internet-of things in construction, and assisting in developing a shop drawing revision modelling for construction purposes.

Keywords: Laser Scanner, Implementation, Challenges, Ease of Use, Building Information Modelling, Drawing.