1984 Proceedings of the 1st ISARC, Pittsburgh, USA

Role of Expert Systems in Construction Robotics

Steven J. Fenves, Daniel R. Rehak
Pages 3-23

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A New Management Tool for Robotized Construction Projects – Application of Computer Graphics in Construction Planning and Scheduling

Naruo Kano, Yasushi Tamura
Pages 25-32

According to the robotization of construction works, project managers will be more required to understand all of the activities in the construction site. Therefore, relevant management tools are very essential for them in meeting the goal of projects. The authors pointed out the needs of computer graphics regarding the planning ...

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Application of Robotics to Building Construction

Abraham Warszawski
Pages 33-40

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Economic Evaluation of Robotics in Building

Abraham Warszawski
Pages 41-58

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Supervisory Control of Large-Scaled Manipulators in Severe Environments

Paavo Karkkainen, Markku Manninen
Pages 59-68

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Development of Spray Robot for Fireproof Cover Work

Tetsuji Yoshida, Takatoshi Ueno, Minoru Nonaka, Shinobu Yamazaki
Pages 69-96

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Tunnelling by Robots – Shield Driving Automatic Control System

Yoshihiri Shimomura, Tetsushi Sonoda
Pages 97-126

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Robotic Assembly for Mobilization Construction

Thomas M. Gatton
Pages 127-134

"The United States Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (USA-CERL) in Champaign Illinois is currently investigating the use of robotics to assist in the rapid construction of numerous wood framed buildings during a mobilization. These structures are predesigned to use typical residential construction techniques. Presently, robotics have been identified for use ...

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Robotization of Construction Work

Yukio Hasegawa
Pages 135-146

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Basic Considerations in the Design of Robotic Systems for Environmental Geotechnology

H. Y. Fang, John L. Wilson
Pages 147-150

The intent of this paper is to identify the basic factors involved in the successful application of robotic systems to the preliminary site investigations of ground conditions in hazardous waste areas. Specific attention is directed to the human-robot-environment interations in hazardous landfill.

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Constraints on the Development of Robots for Construction

Dwight A. Sangrey, Abraham Warszawski
Pages 151-180

"The potential for use of robots in construction, agriculture, mining, undersea and space is presently being explored in research and prototype systems. This paper reviews the history and justification for this development including consideration of both technological and economic constraints. The current worldwide status of implementation of robots in construction ...

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